SRB Welcome Deaf@x!

The Deaf@x training team ran three workshops on 11/2/15 with the SRB students Y7 – Y9. The main focus of the workshops was Identity. The training team has been giving deaf children, young people and adults support, training and access to new technologies since 1985. It was very interesting to spark the curiosity of the students not just about themselves but about others with a hearing impairment and we were given a glimpse into the lives of people who have opted to embrace sign language as a means of communication. The students explored and shared their own experiences and were challenged to consider their own place in life. We discovered that identity is made up from very many aspects of our lives and these all interact in order to make us who we are. Great fun was had by all and an assortment of art work was created as we explored ideas. We hope to welcome Deaf@x back in the future to undertake workshops from their range of topics.


Gillian Clegg