About Us

The history of Museum Learning
      at The Langley Academy



Before The Langley Academy opened, our sponsors were inspired by the New York Museum Schoolhttp://www.nycmuseumschool.org/


This is a relatively small school in Brooklyn that uses the wealth of inspiration from collections in New York to teach across the curriculum.


They believe that the experiential learning in museums and cultural sites of New York City gives students a "much better chance of comprehending the value of history, language, science and mathematics in everyday life and throughout the history of civilization"



We believe Museum Learning inspires students, empowers them with vital skills for learning and nurtures a cultural confidence to last a lifetime.

The Langley Academy has been a Museum Learning School since its inception. To create the systems and processes that bring Museum Learning to life we worked with students, teachers and our cultural sector partners. We also looked abroad to find organisations with a similar vision. Our approach will continue to evolve to match national curriculum changes, students needs and new cultural sector developments.

We are just starting to develop Museum Learning across Parlaunt Park Primary Academy and The Langley Academy Primary and are excited about creating an offer for children and young people from 4 – 18.

Visit the pages For Teachers and for Museums to find out more

Our Team

  • School Governor and Trustee for Museum Learning Emmajane Avery, VA Museum
  • Senior Management Team responsibility for Museum Learning: Lindsey Humber, Director Lindsey is responsible for overseeing teaching and learning at The Langley Academy.
  • A Museum Learning team:
    Jenny Blay, Head of Museum Learning Jenny works with Academy staff and cultural sector practitioners to create partnerships that support teaching across the curriculum.  Her previous role was at the MLA Council as the national lead for Initial Teacher Training with additional responsibilities for links between schools and museums in London.

    Mathew Britten, Museum Learning Officer Mathew joined the Academy from the Wordsworth Trust in 2016. He has a background in archaeology and is experienced in object based learning. He runs the Museum Club for Year 7 and 8 students and works closely with the Museum Council.

  • The Museum Council, a self-selected group of students who support Museum Learning activities. They select objects and themes for exhibitions and advise on new approaches.


Get in touch with the Museum Learning team by emailing: museum@langleyacademy.org