‘Students have outstanding attitudes to learning,
which is primarily as a result of good teaching and very positive relationships across the whole academy.’ Ofsted
‘Students behave very well, show high levels of cooperation, respect and courtesy and work highly effectively with each other and their teachers. This creates a very positive learning environment.’ Ofsted
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Results 2015/16 – GCSE

Key performance measures NA 15/16
% of all entries at A*/A 20.5 21.4
A*-C in English and Maths 59 70
Progress 8 (New Measure) 0 +.22 (nearly a quarter grade better per student per subject against similar students nationally)
Attainment 8 (New Measure) 49.8 53.2
Value Added 1000 1023 (equivalent to top 20% of schools nationally)
Entering for the English Baccalaureate 39.6% 25% (we believe students should study their passion and therefore do not enforce this qualification)
Grade C or better in all English Baccalaureate qualifications 24.5% 15%

The ‘expected progress’ measure.

The new English measure includes the best grade from either English Language or English Literature.
The Old measure is reported for comparative purposes.

Levels of Progress

  English Maths
  NA (2015) 2016 New measure 2016 Old measure 2015 NA (2015) 2016 2015
Expected 69% 89.30% 83.40% 82.00% 66% 75.40% 59.00%
Rapid 30% 48.50% 47.30% 44.00% 30% 40.90% 25.00%


The current ‘expected progress’ measure will no longer appear in performance tables from 2016.
The system of levels that underpins this measure has been removed, and so this measure is being phased out.

However, the ‘expected progress’ measure is a good indicator to compare how the Academy has progressed from one year to the next.

Results 2015/16 A2

Average VA score across all subjects last 3 years = ALPS 4 = 60-74th percentile = very good


Please see a link to the Department for Education Performance Tables