‘Students have outstanding attitudes to learning,
which is primarily as a result of good teaching and very positive relationships across the whole academy.’ Ofsted
‘Students behave very well, show high levels of cooperation, respect and courtesy and work highly effectively with each other and their teachers. This creates a very positive learning environment.’ Ofsted

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At The Langley Academy, we are committed to giving all of our students every opportunity to achieve their academic targets, by taking into consideration their varied learning needs. We offer a broad, balanced curriculum with high expectations for all children. We also strive to be a fully inclusive school and actively seek to remove the barriers to learning through quality first teaching and extra interventions where necessary.

Our Hearing Resource Base (HRB), Student Support Unit (SSU) and Nurture Group (NG) offer a personalised curriculum and pastoral support to students with SEND. These provisions are detailed in our local offer and on The Slough Children’s services, which you can access using the link below;

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For more information, about Special Educational Needs (SEN) please view the attached documentation or call the Academy Senco on 01753 214478